In Service Teacher Training

Providing a meaningful music experience for children is not always easy or intuitive for preschool classroom teachers. In fact, many teachers have told us they feel musically incompetent, "tone deaf", or simply insecure about their ability to make music and so they don't. Still others use music as a tool to teach something else like days of the week, seasons of the year, etc, but don't offer a music component otherwise. Music for music's sake is incredibly valuable in early childhood and beyond, and especially supportive of the development of growing bodies and minds. 

Luckily we can help! Schools can choose from several topics and program lengths that provide a rich crash course in how to approach music education in early childhood. Our trainings leave teachers empowered to use playful, developmentally appropriate approaches to music that can be adapted to any song they choose. We can leave each classroom with a starter curriculum, or leave teachers to their own imaginations. 


To learn more, contact:

Colleen Lilley, Director

(813) 409-4244