Canta y Baila Conmigo® Online

Melanie Baez
In Your Home (location info)
Mon, Thu, Anytime
09/14/20 - 11/19/20 (10 weeks)

You will receive two pre-recorded mini sessions per week. Like in-studio classes, these sessions will use the Canta y Baila Conmigo curriculum and families will receive the songbook and download code for the current collection of music. 

In addition, each week we will provide a live, interactive class via Zoom. These will allow you and your children to connect with your teacher and classmates in real time. At Music & Me, we believe it is part of our mission to help families develop a sense of community with one another, and we want to continue to do so – but as safely as possible.

By participating in our virtual semester, you are offering your children a sense of comfort and normalcy in a time when the arc of their days and weeks has changed dramatically. Our program still supports your child’s language, cognitive, motor, and musical development through playful interaction that is developmentally appropriate for their ages. The added benefit? Your role as primary teacher is amplified when you play at home together as is the bond you strengthen through making Music Together®.

Upcoming Meetings
10/22/20    Anytime Thursday 10/22/20 Anytime
10/26/20    Anytime Monday 10/26/20 Anytime
10/29/20    Anytime Thursday 10/29/20 Anytime
11/02/20    Anytime Monday 11/02/20 Anytime
11/05/20    Anytime Thursday 11/05/20 Anytime
11/09/20    Anytime Monday 11/09/20 Anytime
11/12/20    Anytime Thursday 11/12/20 Anytime
11/16/20    Anytime Monday 11/16/20 Anytime
11/19/20    Anytime Thursday 11/19/20 Anytime